20 February 2018
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When Jacob woke from his dream as recorded in Genesis 28:16-18,he expressed surprise as well as reverence to God at the site he found himself.


Redeemed Christian Church Of God

We are glad for your visit. This is the beginning of an exciting experience that will bring about positive changes and turn-around in your life and or ministry.This website was supernaturally conceived and birthed. It was not developed because of growth or success in any way. There was nothing in the physical to encourage it. Therefore your experience in this site will usher you into new levels of walk with the Lord and supernatural encounters that will change your story in Jesus name.

Many of us have lost our miracles because we stopped too soon. A divine champion sets goals believing that with God, nothing shall be impossible (Luke 1:37).


Food for thought

Are you Backsliding?  Here's a question we would almost never ask somebody.  And what an incredible question it is.  "Are You Backsliding?"  It's not a question to condemn.  It's a question to ponder.



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