20 February 2018
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The Secret Ingredient for Effective Ministry

What if there were a way to open the floodgates of heaven for other people? What if YOU could have this secret?

Are there any limits to human wickedness? Imagine a guy who practices witchcraft and seances, fortune-telling and necromancy. Picture him engaged in human sacrifice by burning his own children on altars of fire. Give him nationwide authority and influence, so that he not only practices these things, but trains others to do the same. Now, if there is room left in your imagination, envision this man finding a way to win God’s affection.


The 10 Things That Happen When a Pastor Commits Adultery

“You have despised me and have taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your wife.” (II Samuel 12:10)

A minister falls into adultery and it becomes public knowledge. This becomes a sad, sad day for everyone who knows him.

(And yes, I am aware it takes two people to commit this sin. However, this blog is directed toward pastors and other church leaders, so the minister is the focus of our comments here.)


How to Develop Your Prayer Life

I remember a poem in the Ladies Home Journal where a group of men argued around the cracker barrel about the best way to pray. Some said the best way to pray was standing up with eyes open to heaven. Others argued that it was best to pray with head bowed; others said prostrate, or kneeling, and so on. But then Jeff Brown, the well driller, spoke up. He told how he had been drilling a well over at the widow Jones' property, and it had caved in, and he had fallen down the shaft. And he said, "The prayinest prayer I ever made, I was standing on my head."


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